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Founder of the Marolyn Ford Ministries, Dr. Ford is a highly sought after anointed speaker who shares her inspiring journey of faith. Marolyn’s world crumbled at age 18 when diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic with irreversible blindness. Over time Marolyn’s visual acuity was down to finger count and hand motion in both eyes.  After 13 years God answered prayer and restored Marolyn’s vision in 1971. Dr. Ford reveals God’s power in today’s world.                                                     
After 50 years of extensive ministry Marolyn was struck with another incredible physical challenge. A fall triggered Total Digestive Paralysis in 1991. Unable to eat or drink, her life became an excruciating painful existence over the next twelve years with death knocking at her door. Would Marolyn move forward in faith or fear?  God answered prayer in 2003. Marolyn can eat anything her heart desires.  Praise God for His miracles!  


Dr. Marolyn Ford - Speaker/Author


God Said Yes! Book by Marolyn Ford

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Dr. Marolyn Ford shares her courageous struggle to overcome heavy trials. Marolyn lost her eyesight at age 18 with her entire future before her; college, marriage, and a career when her high hopes, dreams and expectations crumbled. Would she move forward in faith or in fear while trusting God for a miracle? Later in life, after a fall, she suffered with total digestive failure resulting in the inability to eat or drink for 12 years. These are two of the greatest trials a person can face. Determination became her driving force until God said Yes! Read about two miracles of equal magnitude. This book is for all ages who are crushed beneath the load of life.
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Peer review medical journal article of Marolyn's
miraculous healing of her blindness.      

screen shot of portion of medical journal article directly referencing Marolyn's case.

Marolyn Ford portion of medical journal

This link contains 38 pages of medical records documenting the diagnosis of nerve damage to Marolyn’s colon, small intestines and bladder following trauma to the lower back  6/1991.

Pages 14-24 document the trauma which caused a herniated disc at L-5 in her lower back. These records also describe her surgery and provide diagnostic tests confirming the nerve damage.  She was diagnosed and treated at academic institutions.

Marolyn received prayer in the fall of 2003 and healing began. Pages 33-38 document the healing from 2004-2011 and she has remained healed to date.


Choose to believe God while turning your despair into joy!

Marolyn’s healing miracles are profound. So is her life faithfully lived out as a beloved daughter of God. Throughout her incredible, well-recorded miracle journey, Marolyn chose to believe that life’s circumstances do not change the reality of God’s goodness. The agony of waiting, that is sometimes involved in our process while believing for a miracle is recorded carefully and honorably. Hope springs from these pages. Once Blind, Twice Healed has deeply impacted me. I encourage everyone who is on a journey pressing in for a miracle to read this book.

                                                                              Bill Johnson
                                                                              Bethel Church, Redding, CA


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