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"Who gets two miracles of this magnitude
in one's lifetime?"

Marolyn is a fully Dutch girl with a twin sister (Marolyn Jean & Carolyn Jean), a younger sister and four older brothers. Marolyn was reared in a strong dedicated Christian home where the Bible was read following every meal three times daily and when the church doors were open, we were there. We were not to purchase secular music. Dad had the Christian radio broadcast turned on every day all day on the radio in the house and on another radio in the barn so God's music flooded the atmosphere. It really drew us, in our spirit, to recognize the presence of the Lord with us throughout the day. Marolyn's rich heritage led her to accept Christ as Lord and Savour, by grace through faith, at the age of nine.


marolyn blind

Marolyn Ford

"You are blind, go home and learn to live with it." Marolyn was devastated when she heard the doctor's announcement at the age of eighteen. In confusion, she sought God to know how to go on with life as a blind personality. She was determined to lead a normal life.

While attending Temple schools in Chattanooga, TN., Marolyn furthered her education with the use of a tape recorder and by taking oral exams. She met her husband Acie Ford, who was studying as a ministerial student. Together they believed God for a miracle. They married in 1962. Acie received his Masters degree in 1968. Together they began their ministry.

  • Bosco Baptist Church, Bosco LA, 1960 (between College and Seminary)
  • Cross Roads Baptist Church, Farmerville LA, 1968-1972
  • First Baptist Church, Huttig AR, 1972-1978
  • Boulevard Baptist Church, Memphis TN, 1978-1981
  • Broadmoor Baptist Church, Memphis TN, 1981-present
Acie Ford - Broadmoor Baptist Church

Acie and Marolyn are now ministering at the Broadmoor Baptist Church in Memphis, TN, where Acie has been an Associate Pastor since 1981.

Sharon Ford
sharon toys

Acie and Marolyn had prayed for God to restore Marolyn's eyesight for 13 long difficult years. Marolyn had never seen what her husband looked like, nor their 5 year old daughter Sharon Marie. It was after midnight August 26, 1972, the day of Acie's 33rd birthday. While having a devotional prayer at their bedside the Lord Jesus opened her blind eyes. Marolyn exclaimed, "I can see, I can see!!! Praise God, I can see!!!" They knew God could heal for He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He never changes. If it was His will to heal in Bible days, then it has to be His will to heal people today. What a night of rejoicing! We serve a powerful God who hears and answers prayer. We glorify Him, He shall be praised.

conferenceIn the years that followed Marolyn became much in demand and internationally known as a Southern Baptist Evangelist, inspiring thousands with her wonderful miracle testimony in churches and great Crusades and Conferences meetings, along with many Radio and TV interviews. Several movies have been produced on her healing story.

In 1991 Marolyn fell and broke her back resulting in her suffering horrendous agony and pain over the next 12 years with Total Digestive Failure. Marolyn's Doctor, seeing her weakness wrote a prescription for a power scooter to help Marolyn remain active for as long as possible.

scooterDue to a severe injury which caused the paralysis of Marolyn's total digestive system in 1991, it became very difficult for her to continue in full time ministry. Unable to take in food or liquid by mouth she became malnurished and dehydrated. In 1996 she was placed on Intravenous Nutritional Feeding in the subclavian heart vein for her total life support. She was frequently in and out of hospitals with life and death hanging in the balance. Nurses were taking care of Marolyn after she became bedfast at home. It was a painful existence with unbearable cravings of hunger and thirst.

Acie & Marolyn Ford

To believe God for another miracle of such magnitude was difficult for Marolyn. She was so weak she could not bring to memory the scripture verses she had learned over the years, nor could she formulate a prayer. How do you ask God for a second miracle without doubting? You must hear her teach on prayer, trust and faith in God. Praise God! Our God is Alive... He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He truly heals and answers prayer, just like when Jesus walked on earth. On July 2003 Marolyn received her healing!! We serve a powerful God!!! Today she can eat anything her heart desires, Mexican food being her favorite, and all her body parts are working. We praise our wonderful Savior who delivers and sets us free.

Would you like to hear the rest of the story?  Marolyn is available to share God's miracles at your meeting.  She is easy to contact and she has a few open dates left on her engagement calendar.  Give her a call today!  Don't miss your opportunity to hear her.

Acie Ford

Acie says, "When I see Marolyn I see an angel of God. I cannot believe she is alive. She is a miracle. It is truly through God that we move, live and have our being. I always felt like she belonged more to God than she belonged to me. I love her deeply. We exchanged our wedding vows in August 1962, "For better, for worse, in sickness and in health." I thank God that I had the privilege of caring for my wife Marolyn all through the years and to see God work this wonderful miracle.


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