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Dr. Marolyn Ford's world crumbled at her feet when she became blind at the age of eighteen.  Blindness was more than losing her sight, it was a dying to the only way of life she had ever known. While it was scary moving forward with her future in a blind world, Marolyn was more scared to remain where she was. While making this great adjustment of living without sight, she further her education with the use of a tape recorder and by taking oral exams at Tennessee Temple University where she met and married Acie Ford, a ministerial student. Together they believed God for a miracle.  On August 26, 1972, after thirteen years of darkness, God restored her sight through a bedside prayer. 

"I have read with care your testimony. It is an amazing story. I do rejoice that God has touched your eyes and given you sight. I know that you are using this sight for His Glory. I cannot understand it all, but I know that your testimony is true. I rejoice in it."
-Dr. Lee Roberson, Chancellor
TN Temple Schools



Throughout the next 24 years Marolyn became internationally known as a Evangelist.  She taught and shared the miracle testimony in Churches, Crusades & Conference meetings as well as on the radio and television.  Movies have also been produced on her story showing God’s miraculous power.

In 1991, while faithfully serving God through her ministry of writing, speaking and encouraging people, Marolyn was struck with another incredible physical challenge. An accident triggered digestive failure which caused total paralysis of her digestive system.  She eventually was unable to eat or drink which led to malnourishment and dehydration. In l996, she began intravenous feedings which lasted for eighteen hours a day. It became a painful existence with life and death hanging in the balance.

How do you ask God for a second miracle of such magnitude?  You "go boldly" before the throne and ask for one - which is what they did.  After twelve years of living with this horrible illness, in 2003 God miraculously healed Marolyn's entire digestive system by giving her a second miracle!  Today she can eat whatever her heart desires and her digestive system works beautifully.

Following the second miracle she is back on the circuit, sharing her awesome testimony and teaching Biblical principles to audiences all over the globe. Marolyn received her Doctorate degree from Primus University in Phoenix, AZ.    
You will be deeply touched, challenged and inspired by her endurance and faith to believe God for yet another miracle of healing from this life-shattering challenge.   It's a story you do not want to miss!

Contact:  Dr. Marolyn Ford, 616 856 0217, marolynford@bellsouth.net









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