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Marolyn’s healing miracles are profound. So is her life faithfully lived out as a beloved daughter of God. Throughout her incredible, well-recorded miracle journey, Marolyn chose to believe that life’s circumstances do not change the reality of God’s goodness. The agony of waiting, that is sometimes involved in our process while believing for a miracle is recorded carefully and honorably. Hope springs from these pages. Once Blind, Twice Healed has deeply impacted me. I encourage everyone who is on a journey pressing in for a miracle to read this book.

                                                                                 Bill Johnson
                                                                                 Bethel Church, Redding, CA

temple“I have read with care Marolyn Ford’s testimony.  It is an amazing story.  I do rejoice that God has touched her blind eyes and given her sight.  I know that Marolyn is using this sight for God’s Glory.  I cannot understand it all, but I know that her testimony is true.  I rejoice in it.
Dr. Lee Robertson
   Chancellor, Tennessee Temple Schools



Dr. Adrian Rogers wrote:
"Marolyn Ford has been used of God to bless and strengthen my own life and the lives of our people here at Bellevue Baptist Church. She dramatically shared the power of our great and gracious God. I must confess my own eyes were filled with tears as I heard of her blinded eyes so wondrously healed."
                                 — Former Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis, TN


Rev. Cynthia Palmer
Marolyn Ford has a powerful and miraculous story to share.  She will inspire young and old.  Her youthful attitude makes her a great speaker and motivation.
                               July 25, 2018

Church Cooper
Most never experience a true miracle but Marolyn was blessed with two of them.  Her excitement and passion sharing them is a story that needs to be heard by everyone!
                            July 28, 2018


Living Proof of the Power of Jesus Christ

"Marolyn Ford is a tremendous inspiration to all she meets, and she is LIVING PROOF of the power of Jesus Christ to restore that which is lost—and use that restoration to His glory."

— Dale Evans Rogers


Author of "When Heaven Invades Earth" & "God is Good"
Having been a witness to my wife’s recovery after a serious illness, there is no doubt in my mind that God is in the healing business. Whether physically or spiritually, He is sovereign and knows our every need.  I pray this book will be an inspiration and a reminder to lean on Him.
Dr. Ed Wheat
World-renown marriage counselor and Best-selling Author

Most never experience a true miracle but Dr. Marolyn Ford was blessed with two of them.  Her excitement and passion in sharing them is contagious.  It’s a story that needs to be heard by everyone- young and old alike. 

                                                                                                           Chuck Cooper
                                                                 It’s A God-thing, Radio Talk Show Host

Dr. Marolyn  Ford has a powerful and miraculous story to share with the world.  She will inspire the young and old.  Her youthful attitude makes her a great speaker and motivator.

                                                                                                Rev. Cynthia Palmar
                                                                                                    WHTV Radio Host

The God of miracles lives and is active today. His supernatural presence and gifts are as real today as in the first century.  I heard Dr. Marolyn Ford’s testimony in person and I have seen what God is still doing today.  Her story will thrill you as you read the witness of one who was ‘once blind’ but ‘now sees.’

Ron Phillips
Abba’s House, Chattanooga, TN

South Africa and Spain


Paris France Congregation 1989

peasley"It is an honor to know Marolyn Ford who has ministered with such distinction throughout South Africa. Knowing her wonderful testimony and some of the difficult physical trials she has been subjected to, she has been an outstanding witness to the Grace of God. She has a real desire to share the gospel in the lives of men and women and has a unique ability of presenting her story that is so beautiful and yet so miraculous. I heartily recommend the reading of her books as well as having her come as a speaker. She is one who oozes the love of Christ. Together with her husband, Acie, they have a great testimony in the community and the local church.

— Harold Peasley, Pastor
The Directivce Director of Multi-ministries
Florida, South Africa


Unswerving Faith in God

"Marolyn is a lady possessing unswerving faith in God despite unbelievable testing. This deep faith can only come from someone who truly has a close knowledge and experience with the Lord.

— David Sainsbury, Pastor
Ministries That Matter
United Kingdom


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