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International Influence

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Dr. Adrian Rogers wrote:
"Marolyn Ford has been used of God to bless and strengthen my own life and the lives of our people here at Bellevue Baptist Church. She dramatically shared the power of our great and gracious God. I must confess my own eyes were filled with tears as I heard of her blinded eyes so wondrously healed."
— Former Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis, TN


"You certainly were the right choice for our speaker."

temple"I have read with care your testimony. It is an amazing story. I do rejoice that God has touched your eyes and given you sight. I know that you are using this sight for His Glory. I cannot understand it all, but I know that your testimony is true. I rejoice in it."

-- Dr. Lee Roberson, Chancellor
Tn. Temple Schools

"I find it hard to express how deeply touched I was in hearing you tell your story of God's power in your life. Your testimony was so moving - an expression of faith - that our God is a God of miracles still today! Thank you for coming and sharing...and encouraging."

-- Peggy Person, Dir: Women's Ministry

"You will never know what a genuine joy and privilege it was to have you in our church with your beautiful, inspiring and challenging testimony. You will be remembered by our people for a long time to come and it is our sincere prayer that God will continue to give you the strength and courage to brag on Jesus as you are so capable of doing."

-- W. Otis Seal, Meridian, MS.

Unswerving Faith in God

sainsbury"Marolyn is a lady possessing unswerving faith in God despite unbelievable testing. This deep faith can only come from someone who truly has a close knowledge and experience with the Lord.

— David Sainsbury, Pastor
Ministries That Matter
United Kingdom

"I want to tell you what a blessing you were at the Dallas Convention Center. I saw many tears along with mine as you told of the miracle God did."

-- Viola Walden

"I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much we appreciated your message, but more than our appreciation, how much inspiration it imparted to those who were listening. When measured against the yardstick of your 12-year darkness, their problems were placed in proper perspective. Thank you for allowing the love of Jesus Christ and the power of a resurrected Savior to shine so completely through you and your testimony. You certainly were the right choice for our speaker and it was the right time to have you for our Teacher's Appreciation Banquet. Praise God for you and your ministry!"

-- Paul Simmers, Ph.D. Second Presbyterian Church


"Your testimony during our revival service was mighty and inspiring. How we praise the Lord for the way He is using you. We will certainly want you to return to our church at another time."

--Stan Coffey, San Jacinto Baptist, Amarillo, TX



So Beautiful and Yet So Miraculous

peasley"It is an honor to know Marolyn Ford who has ministered with such distinction throughout South Africa. Knowing her wonderful testimony and some of the difficult physical trials she has been subjected to, she has been an outstanding witness to the Grace of God. She has a real desire to share the gospel in the lives of men and women and has a unique ability of presenting her story that is so beautiful and yet so miraculous. I heartily recommend the reading of her books as well as having her come as a speaker. She is one who oozes the love of Christ. Together with her husband, Acie, they have a great testimony in the community and the local church.

— Harold Peasley, Pastor
The Directivce Director of Multi-ministries
Florida, South Africa

Living Proof of the Power of Jesus Christ

dale evans"Marolyn Ford is a tremendous inspiration to all she meets, and she is LIVING PROOF of the power of Jesus Christ to restore that which is lost—and use that restoration to His glory."

— Dale Evans Rogers


Hosts Comments

— Memphis, TN

"Dear Marolyn, what a dear you are. Thank you so much for the lovely way in which you shared your testimony with us. I've never had so many calls and comments — each saying what a particular blessing you were."

— Christian Women's Club meeting


"Marolyn Ford is a woman of God. She has experienced two of the most outstanding miracles I have ever heard about that was documented by Mayo Clinic. She has chosen to tell her story in such a way that anyone can relate to it. She has a purity of heart and openness to hte entire body of Christ and a passion to help people experience the love of God in salvation, in healing , in deliverance, and in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. It's the truth that sets us free. God's Word is truth. What Marolyn Ford experienced was the Living Word, Jesus Christ, freeing her in every part of her being  - spirit, soul, and body."

Dr. Billy Joe Daugherty
Pastor, Victory Christian Church,
Tulsa, OK

"Thank you for being with us. I have heard so many speak of you and your testimony with words of gratitude and great joy. Your witness of God's miracles in your life is excelled only by the present beauty of His love and grace so evident in your life as you speak and relate to others."

— Memphis, TN

"Marolyn, I want to tell you what a blessing you were at the Dallas Convention Center. I saw many tears along with mine as you told of the miracle God did. I thank God for this wonderful miracle of restored sight which has taken place in your life. Thanks for sharing it with us in Dallas."

— Dallas, TX

"I heartily recommend Marolyn Ford as a gifted author, speaker and evangelist. Her testimony of the miraculous power of God as has been known in her life instills hope and great joy. She demonstrates the reality of Christ's grace and it's refreshing to meet "the real deal." Call her today and let her challenge and inspire your group/organization to build more faith into their lives. You will be glad you did."

— from Gallatin, TN

"Marolyn, a number of years ago in Knoxville, TN you spoke at our Women's Aglow meeting. I was overwhelmed by your testimony on how you kept going even though you lost your sight. What a Victory! The healing of your eyes in a miracle everyone needs to hear about. Keep encouraging, testifying and speaking. You are a remarkable woman of faith in Christ.

— from Knoxville, TN

Marolyn, I just cannot let another moment go by without saying I was tremendously refreshed by your anointed testimony and teaching ministry at the Conference last weekend. I just don't have the words to express the joy we received. The Lord has truly blessed your mind in the Word to present yourself as His witness in such a lovely way to others around you. You are such an inspiration to everyone. Marolyn, my prayers have changed since hearing you speak. I am excited as I develop a closer walk with Jesus and wait in expectation to hear from Him. Thank you for lifting up Jesus before us.

— Missouri

Marolyn, you are the most precious, godly woman I have ever met. You touched my heart in places I have never been touched before by sharing your life with us. When you started singing "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" I thought I was in heaven. Your life is such a testimony of God's grace and the fact that a child of His can have joy even in the most difficult times. Thank you for reminding me how awesome God is through the story you told.

— Huntsville, AL (1999)

The Holy Spirit was so present all evening. I wanted to tell you that you gavce me a renewed sense of hope and increased my faith.

— Brighton, TN

During our welcome time in the worship service, a man came up to me and said what a blessing your testimony was to his wife. She went home Friday night and just talked and talked about what you shared. He said, "I wish men could have come. I would have loved to have heard her speak." WOW!

— Maryville, TN

I just did not want another day to go by without telling you how very much we appreciated your wonderful testimony. I was in awe as I heard of the great faith you had and the two miraculous healings. My, what a gift from our precious Savior! He had much great work for you to do and you are certainly doing your best to carry out His mission and spreading the word about His great love and His healing powers. The women are still talking about that evening.



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