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This inspirational and medically documented story of God's miraculous power displayed in today's world will tremendously challenge you, build your faith and trust in our powerful Lord.

"It is an honor to know Marolyn Ford who has ministered with such distinction throughout South Africa. Knowing her wonderful testimony and some of the difficult physical trials she has been subjected to, she has been an outstanding witness to the Grace of God. She has a real desire to share the gospel in the lives of men and women and has a unique ability of presenting her story that is so beautiful and yet so miraculous. I heartily recommend the reading of her books as well as having her come as a speaker. She is one who oozes the love of Christ. Together with her husband, Acie, they have a great testimony in the community and the local church.

— Harold Peasley, Pastor
The Directivce Director of Multi-ministries
Florida, South Africa

Marolyn, after watching your testimony.... I have listened to everybody else singing this song: "His Eye is on the Sparrow" and nobody can sing it as good as you.  What an amazing story.  I have never heard a more inspiring testimony.  I tell everyone to watch your video on You Tube.  Best of luck.    
— New York


Contemporary Traditional FavoritesMarolyn Ford
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His Eye Is on the Sparrow
Let's Talk About Jesus — medley
Jesus Is the Sweetest Name I Know
   The Name of Jesus
   O How I Love Jesus

It Is No Secret
I asked the Lord
He Touched Me
My Tribute
How Majestic is Your Name — medley
   He Is Lord

Marolyn, you are the most precious, godly woman I have ever met. You touched my heart in places I have never been touched before by sharing your life with us. When you started singing "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" I thought I was in heaven. Your life is such a testimony of God's grace and the fact that a child of His can have joy even in the most difficult times. Thank you for reminding me how awesome God is through the story you told.

— Huntsville, AL (1999)


Broadman Editor, Jos Johnson writes:
"This is a terrific manuscript!"

blind eyesThese Blind Eyes Now See

These Blind Eyes Now See is also available in Indonesian & Braille. Ask for details.

Blind for 13 Years!

It's Powerful!
It's Inspirational!
It's a Faith-filled True Story! 

grace to endureGrace to Endure
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Grace to Endure is an Inspirational book written about a woman who can't eat or drink; living, coping with digestive failure, and depending totally upon God's strength while in the midst of death staring her in the face. A book written before Marolyn’s healing came.  It’s about God, prayer, faith and love between a man and wife; a book you will not be able to put down. As you read the story of Marolyn Ford you will be deeply touched, challenged and inspired by her faith to endure life's challenges. Acie stands by her side with the love, compassion and understanding that strengthens and encourages her.


Walkng and Talking CoverWalking and Talking with Jesus
Out of Stock
Walking and Talking with Jesus is a book about how to pray and the importance of setting one’s heart upon God and His word.  When we give ourselves completely to God and dwell in His presence, He will hear us when we pray.  He desires intimate friendship with us. 
It was during the writing of this manuscript that Marolyn slipped and fell in the tub. This triggered an autonomic disorder which led to total digestive failure. She was no longer able to eat or drink. What a blessing to have learned through thirteen years of blindness about Building Faith Before Tragedy. (the sub-title). This book will draw you into prayer.


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All of Marolyn's books are also available in Braille.

These Blind Eyes Now See is also available in Indonesian. Ask for details.

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