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two fantastic miracles

Blind at the age of eighteen, Marolyn was determined to lead a normal life. She furthered her education with the use of a tape recorder and by taking oral exams. She married Acie Ford and together they believed God for a miracle. On August 26, 1972, after thirteen years of darkness, God restored her sight through a bedside prayer.

For the following 19 years Marolyn became internationally known as a Southern Baptist Evangelist, sharing her wonderful miracle testimony in Churches and great Crusade & Conference meetings along with many Radio and TV interviews. Several movies have been produced on her healing story.

Daily Nutrition

After a severe injury which caused the paralysis of Marolyn's digestive system in l991, she found it difficult to take in nourishment and eventually was unable to eat, drink or take in anything by mouth.  This led to malnourishment and dehydration.  In l996, she began intravenous feedings by IV which dripped eighteen hours daily.  It became a painful existence with life and death hanging in the balance.




Marolyn Ford
Marolyn Ford

How do you ask God for a second miracle of such magnitude? You "go boldly" before the throne and ask for one — which is what they did. After twelve years of living with this horrible illness, in 2003 God miraculously healed Marolyn's entire digestive system by giving her a second fantastic miracle. Today she can eat whatever her heart desires and her digestive system works beautifully.

She now shares her testimony of both miracles and God's awesome power in her life. It's a story you do not want to miss!

Acie Ford

Marolyn had great courage, an attitude of strength through her weakness. I felt like I was taking care of one of God's choice servants. When I see Marolyn, I see an angel fo God. I am so thankful she is alive and still with me. To me she is more in heaven than on earth. She is a miracle! With life and death hanging in the balance, Marolyn wrote her story in faith that one day God would give her the ability to return to normal life. It is truly through God that we live, move and have our being. I have always felt like she belongs more to God than she belongs to me. I love her deeply.

Marolyn's world-wide ministry motivates and encourages thousands of people to deepen their walk with God through her public appearances, seminar teaching, books and inspirational CDs.

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Let Marolyn tell you of her
"Adventures in Faith"


Grace to Endure

Blindness and Brokenness

by Marolyn Ford


ISBN 1-889893-42-0
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Grace to Endure is an Inspirational Christian book that was written during the time when no one expected Marolyn would survive her twelve year illness of digestive failure. It's a book about prayer, faith and love between a man and wife; a book you will not be able to put down. As you read the story of Marolyn Ford you will be deeply touched, challenged and inspired by her faith to endure life's challenges.

Acie, her husband, stood by her side with the love, compassion and understanding that strengthened and encouraged her during the time of her illness. Marolyn was standing on faith, believing God for her healing. In the book she wrote: "Maybe by the time you read this book, I will have received my healing." Of course now we know that miracle of healing did come later.

It's Powerful!
It's Inspirational!
It's a Faith-filled True Story!



blind eyes
ISBN 0-9706995-1-4
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These Blind Eyes Now See
Is a Must!

These Blind Eyes Now See: Blind at age eighteen, Marolyn Ford's world crumbled at her feet. It was a dying to life as she had known it and a tremendous challenge to her future. Faith to beieve in God's power to heal blind eyes! Against all odds, this story of achievement will inspire and build your faith to endure hardships in life and to press on with new determination. It will also challenge you to work at building your faith to believe in God for your miracle.

This is the Lord's doing
and it is wonderful in our eyes!

ISBN 0-9634057-1-3
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Walking and Talking with Jesus is a book of instruction that brings us into a deeper understanding of God and how to take hold of His teachings. It describes how to obtain a close walk with God and how to abide in His presence. Through living by the principles laid out for us in the Bible we can walk in fellowship with Almighty God. That is an awesome privilege!

Build Your Faith on
Godly Principles!

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Thank you for visiting Marolyn Ford's website. This is a powerful, inspirational faith-filled, medicaly documented true story of God's marvelous power displayed in today's world. This story of achievement will inspire you to build your faith and trust in our wonderful Lord Jesus. Against all odds, this story of achievement will inspire you to build your faith around Godly principles. Go on reading as Marolyn Ford relates her unique and thriving personal life.

acie and marolyn
Acie & Marolyn Ford

Marolyn Ford has been blessed with two fantastic miracles in her life. She has been physically healed by the power of God from thirteen years of blindness and twelve years of digestive failure, through bedside prayers. She has a powerful story to tell! She gives all praise and glory to God for the wonderful gift of healing that He has givcen her.